2022 Dec 1 The Bryan Hyde Show


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The panicked pearl-clutching of the woke over Elon Musk's loosening of Twitter's censorship controls is pretty revealing. Ron Paul says it's time to separate tech and state.

Some of the facts that have come to light since Musk took control of Twitter are quite disturbing. Andrea Widburg explains how Elon Musk is simply confirming what we already knew about Twitter suppressing certain truths.

Who knew that the facts of life could be so controversial? Stephen Whitney has an excellent commentary on how men and women are, in fact, not identical--and that's a good thing.

J.B. Shurk is on fire lately and his latest column is another grand slam home run. He describes the power of Americans' rising self consciousness and why more of us are thinking for ourselves.

Our government is increasingly teaming up with big business to do an end run around constitutional limits on its own power. Judge Andrew Napolitano spells out how we are slouching toward authentic fascism.


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