The Weekend Booktopian - 18th June 2021 (feat. Veronica Heritage-Gorrie - Emerging Writers Festival)


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Welcome to The Weekend Booktopian, our weekly podcast to kick off your weekend! Our team will give you the low down on all things book news related, and turn you on to the books that we are reading right now! For our forty-eighth episode Nick hosts Jo, Joel and special guest Veronica Heritage-Gorrie as they discuss Emerging Writers Festival 2021, the Miles Franklin Shortlist and the winner of the Pulitzer Prizes. We then give you our latest round of book recommendations, before another edition of Book Fight! Emerging Writers Festival: EWF 2021 Events: Books Mentioned in this podcast: Jamaica Kincaid - A Small Place: Nina Young, Denise Young - My Father the Murderer: Erin Stewart - The Missing Among Us: Gary Lonesborough - The Boy From The Mish: Sally Rooney - Beautiful World, Where Are You?: Liane Moriarty - Apples Never Fall: Anthony Doerr - Cloud Cuckoo Land: Jonathan Franzen - Crossroads: Martha Wells - Fugitive Telemetry: The Murderbot Diaries: Norman Swan - So You Think You Know What's Good for You?: Veronica Heritage-Gorrie - Black and Blue: Louise Erdrich - The Night Watchman: Host: Nick Wasiliev Guests: Jo Lewin, Joel Naoum & Veronica Heritage-Gorrie - Emerging Writers Festival Producer: Nick Wasiliev

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