ROAD TO 2023 - Ep.15 - You SHOULD Compare Yourself To Others & Why Aren't We Metabolically Adapting?


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Welcome back for episode 15 of our Road To 2023 series! On this week's episode Tyarra and Jack talk about why they think comparing yourself to others can be a good thing, as well as their weight gain post-comp and (lack of) metabolic adaptation. They also give a recap on their training, nutrition, life, and much, MUCH more! Thank you again for tuning into the podcast and we hope you enjoy! We would greatly appreciate if you would please subscribe to the channel, give us a rating, leave us a review and tell your friends about the podcast! The more people we can reach out to and help the better! Stay tuned for more podcasts released on a weekly basis! Business Website: Tyarra's Instagram: Jack's Instagram: The Bodybuilding Dietitians Instagram: YouTube: 10% Off Marmadukes Peanut Butter Powder (discount code TBD10): VPA 10% off codes used at checkout: TYARRA JACK Sam and Boston's Border Collie Instagram:

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