What freebie seekers tell you about your business


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Do you feel like you have a freebie seeker problem in your business?

A what?

You know, the people in your audience who slide into your DMs and ask questions, download everything free you offer, and are present on all of your webinars, but never buy.

Freebie seekers have develop a bad rep in the online space, but what if we choose to see them as future customers who are genuinely evaluating your services and getting to know you so by the time they hop on a sales call with you they are 95 percent SOLD?

Yes, there is a category of freebie seekers who don’t have such great intentions, but those people give us awesome information about our business as well.

In this episode I break down healthy and unhealthy behaviors of freebie seekers and show you there is so much to learn from both categories. I also fill you in on what each could be telling you about your business.

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Khalida DuBose is a business mentor specializing in sales strategy. As a previous crowdfunding coach, she supported more than a thousand crowdfunding campaigns and project creators in their quest to bring their dreams, passions, and ideas to the world. Now, she focuses on helping women of color who are early-stage online business owners as they navigate the entrepreneurial journey. For more information on Khalida, visit khalidadubose.com.

Follow Khalida on Instagram @khalida.dubose. You can email her at khalida@blackgirlbusinessbar.com.

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