782: Why Was Bhupendra Patel Picked Over Other Contenders As New Gujarat CM?


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It’s been an interesting weekend in Gujarat for political observers.
In a surprising twist, BJP leader Bhupendra Patel was named as the new Gujarat Chief Minister just a day after his predecessor Vijay Rupani resigned from the post.
Patel, who’s a first-time MLA from Gujarat’s Ghatlodiya seat took his oath as the CM in the presence of Home Minister Amit Shah on 13 September, while Rupani is a fresh addition to the string of BJP Chief Minister who have resigned over the past few months.
After tendering in his resignation, Rupani told the media that it is in the nature of the BJP to change the roles of karyakartas depending on the need of the party, but what are the possible needs that triggered such a decision in Gujarat?
The change of guards that comes a year ahead of the state assembly elections is also raising speculations around why the party high command overlooked Gujarat Deputy CM Nitin Patel and Union Minister for Health Mansukh Mandaviya who were believed to be the frontrunners for the post, only to pick a lesser-known leader like Bhupendra Patel as the CM? What purpose does it serve for the BJP?
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