180: Bidemi "Bid" Ologunde.


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In this episode, host Bidemi Ologunde was interviewed by his distinguished mentor and friend, Peter Galanis, who was also a guest on Episode 178. The conversation touched on how Bidemi transitioned from graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering to the cybersecurity industry; how and why he decided to go for a career in information security; what drives him to be passionate about cybersecurity and cyber threat intelligence; some of Bidemi's insights on the threat landscape, the self-driving cybercrime ecosystem, software supply chain attacks, initial access brokers, the downsides to companies like Patreon downsizing or outsourcing their security teams; Bidemi's thoughts on a hypothetical scenario about how smart contracts could hinder small businesses that are trying to stay profitable; as well as other topics such as Russia/Ukraine, cryptocurrency, and much more. Finally, the conversation wrapped up with some of Bidemi's advice for people coming up through the ranks or thinking about entering the cybersecurity field.

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