Letting Go, taking charge and letting God!!!!!


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As I sat with Terry Tucker my guest on this episode, I knew it would be a wow session.
The year 2021 just ended, and I welcome everyone to 2022, as I begins my episode for the new year, I am certain that so many had difficulties scaling through the past concluded year, and bringing such feeling of disappointment and setback into the new year.
why do I feel so concern? yes I am very concern cause I love, care about you and I can relate with what that feeling can generate into. You don't need to struggle with your emotions for situations that were out of your control. And even if you could have handle it well, but you didn't. It ok to let go, start all over. Letting Go of the past, pain, disappointment and setbacks helps you attain greater success and stay fulfilled faster.
Terry our guest is a cancer survival, and he is still chasing his dreams, impacting lives .At some point his struggle for survival made me cry but listening to his story made me realize how resilience and strong we all are as human.
God has given us all we need to break protocols and chase our dreams even if we receive million and one failure, you still can break through if you choose to. it all start from the Mind.
i hope you start the year strong after listening to this episode. trusting in God and accepting the change, taking a hold of your life and moving forward.

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