Episode 2: Domestic Violence Series: When Life Breaks You (An Amazing Relatable Analogy - The Orange and Coconut) Host: Noble Ij


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What do you do when life breaks you?
Whenever life breaks you; there is always a lesson to learn from it. It has a purposed attached to it. "Do not be the prisoner of your past; it is a lesson and not a life sentence" - Unknown
This episode titled "When Life Breaks You" speaks of the orange and the coconut as a very relatable analogy to buttress the season "when life breaks you"
Noble Ij explains that; for an orange or coconut to give its value and be enjoyed; it has to be cut and be broken.
The breaking was not to hurt the coconut neither was it intended to hurt the orange. It is so that it would achieve purpose.
A coconut that is not broken does not give value. Whenever you're going through is a season of brokenness; know that it has a definite purpose attached to it. You are broken for a reason.
"Do not be the prisoner of your past; it is a lesson and not a life sentence". - Unknown.
This episode will make you become fully aware of how to journey through life victoriously, know your "why" and become more aware of the season's of your life.

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