Episode 6: A Warriors Heart Overcoming Domestic Violence (Finding Resilience, Hope And Courage) Guest: Dr. Linda Agu


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Hello and welcome to the very 6th episode of the beautifully broken me podcast.
Today's podcast shade more light on courage, hope, strength and resilience. Some of the factors that could make a person to remain in an abusive relationship were also highlighted. Such as; the fear of the unknown, the fear of starting all over again; and the thought of what people will say.
In some cases; it could be due to the sacred wedding vowed in which victims are encouraged to stay in such relationships even at the risk of their own life.

My guest today is a brave and courageous domestic violence survivor; she will be sharing her relatable lives story; how she navigated and overcame a 10 years long abuse at the hands of her ex husband. Dr. Linda is indeed warrior; she is is a very passionate domestic violence advocate. She has assisted several domestic violence victims including myself. She is a super incredible woman; whom despite all the vissisitudes of lives challenges; she excelled, triumphed and become a highly desirably sort after woman.

If you are currently going through domestic violence; I will like you to know that I see you; I see your heart; I am hugging you right now; I fully understand what you're going through because I have experienced it. Take strength from todays episode.
And do not forget this; you are loved and valued.
Most importantly, do not suffer in silence. Seek help!
Do not let fear hold you back; You are worthy of love.
You deserve more. The life you deserve is waiting on the other end of a decision that only you can make. Please make that right decision.
DO NOT WAIT! Tomorrow might be too late.
Guest: Linda Agu
CEO Arise And Shine
Social Media: @star.restorer
Rediscovery Coach, Mentor, Clinical Research for oncology patients

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