Episode 4: Domestic Violence Series: Getting Back Up After A Traumatic Sexual Abuse (Unpacking Hurt, Shame & Fear) Guest: Ifeanyi Omoike


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In today’s episode; (Episode 4) we have a very special guest; Ifeanyi Omoike. She shared her relatable life experiences and some of the principles and practical steps that has helped her get back up after a traumatic sexual abuse.
She the Founder and CEO of Pain 2 Purpose Tribe, an organization that is committed to helping women heal from their painful past experiences and achieve their God-ordained purpose. She draws from a wealth of her personal experiences and how she thrived in spite of debilitating situations.

She is the project manager at one of the top telecommunications firms in Nigeria and has worked on various projects. She is a super creative writer. She wrote an insightful life-changing fiction series titled the 'Confessions of a Single Woman'.

Ifeanyi Omoike dissected the topic “Getting back up after a traumatic sexual abuse. (Unpacking hurt, shame and fear) She is a friend and colleague; I truly admire the work she’s doing. She is indeed a resilient woman. She is so dear to my heart.
What is Sexual abuse?
Sexual abuse is unwanted sexual activity, with perpetrators using force, Sexual abuse cuts soooo deeply into her victim; it takes away a person’s worth, their privacy, their energy, their time, their safety, their intimacy, their confidence and even their voice. it could come in form of making threats or taking advantage of victims who are not able to give consent. According to statistics; about 45% of people in abusive relations have experienced sexual abuse.
Guest: Ifeanyi Omoike
CEO and Founder: Pain 2 purpose Tribe
Instagram @ifeanyiomoike, @pain2purposetribe

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