Episdode 5: Domestic Violence Series: “Indecisive In A Toxic Abusive Relationship (When Is The Right time to flee?) Guest: Ms. H. D


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This is an episode filled with several emotions and insightful nuggets and wisdom.
Ms. H. D shared her great wealth of experience. She stated that: "People are afraid to get out of a toxic abusive relationship because of the fear of the unknown and there comes the question-are they willing to die for what you know?"
My guest is a mother of 4 adorable children; she is an African American just like I am. And also a domestic violence survivor who fled from her marriage with her 4 children to the Domestic Violence Shelter where we met and has soon become support purpose partners.
Just after we parted from the DV shelter; H. D has gotten her life back; she is set out in a new trajectory to a place where her shine will no longer be stolen. She is indeed a resilient woman. And I love her and her adorable children.
One of her children said to her “Mom if you don’t flee dad will kill you one day and so she knew it was the right time” during my interview with her; her final advise was: “Don’t be afraid to lose someone who doesn’t feel lucky to have you”.
“We don’t need seasonal people who will constantly hurt us; we need people who will be there for the rest of our lives”
This episode is a must listen!

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