The Beautifully Broken Me Podcast


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Being a Domestic Violence survivor and having experienced various kinds of abuse and stripped off my voice in not too distant past. It has been my mandate to make women and young adults feel loved, safe, valued, and appreciated as I provide them with the necessary tools and resources to get out of the valley of bitterness and brokenness. I have been determined to passionately inspire women and young adults with my story; empowering them to know the truth about the subtle signs of domestic violence which is propelled by the understanding that pain and traumas are integral fuel to pursue purpose and to impact their world if used properly; as I set examples using my story, coaching and expertise. Helping them discover and rediscover their true sense of purpose, to feel vibrant and loving every aspect of their lives; and to discover their self-worth and confidence in order to live out their dreams in a way that is originally intended.

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