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“Why not put your best stuff in front of the biggest room?”

On this episode, I’m joined by writer, marketer, teacher, and Creative Focus Workshop alumni, Sonia Simone.

Sonia goes into detail about her two major career pivots, including how she went from “fan-girl” to founding partner at Rainmaker Digital, formerly CopyBlogger Media. She describes the moment she realized she was “burnt to a crisp”, after years of stretching herself too thin, and her decision to focus on her own business, Remarkable Communication.

Sonia talks about her compassionate, human-centered approach to marketing, and her mission to help creative pros craft marketing content that doesn’t make them cringe. Plus, Sonia shares how she gained visibility for her personal work by embracing her geekiness (and being a little extra).

More from this episode…

  • Sonia describes feeling like a “square peg” at her corporate marketing job, and the drunk Twitter DM that transformed her career.
  • As a founding partner at Copyblogger, Sonia invented her own job. What caused her to invent one that was completely unsustainable?
  • Sonia shares how she divides her time between client work and other creative pursuits, and why it’s important for her to keep them separate.
  • Sonia talks about being an early user of the internet, and how bloggers eventually came to terms with content marketing: “There was a group of people saying you could use this internet thing to find clients without just being a villain.”
  • Why so many talented writers hate the work they do for themselves, and what should be at the core your marketing.
  • “So much of coaching is just holding up a mirror and saying, ‘This is how I see you.’” — How Sonia helps her clients harness what makes them unique.
  • We discuss the tendency of creatives to forget the depth of their experience, and the usefulness of reflecting on past work.
  • Why Sonia believes, “If you can find one or two new clients of a month you’re in great shape…As long as you’re charging enough.”

More from Sonia Simone

Sonia Simone was a founding partner of Copyblogger Media and is the owner of Remarkable Communication. She's a longtime veteran of social media, having started out in online community in 1989. She's worked for many years in marketing communication, both with startups and established corporate environments.

Sonia led the editorial direction on the Copyblogger blog, as well as developing the content and email strategies that supported the company's software and e-learning lines of business. She sold her interest in Copyblogger in 2019.

Today, Sonia helps content writers get more writing done at a higher quality standard with her new project, Creative Fierce. She also has a free report on becoming more productive, which you can grab at UnlockYourWords.com

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