The Australian Daily News - January 22 (4:00 pm)


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Queensland pushes on with remote camps

Annastacia Palaszczuk has pitched her plan for remote camps in Gladstone, central Queensland and Toowoomba to the Prime Minister.

Bargaining code ‘will not break search’

The architect of the bargaining code, Rod Sims, has rubbished claims from Google that the regulation would ruin the tech giant’s search engine.

Our great moment squandered in this soul destroying squabble

It’s a sad but not unsurprising fact that something much more important to our nationhood has been lost in the argy-bargy over the date for Australia Day.

Burgess’s shock claim over family blow-up

Explosive details of an altercation between Sam Burgess and his former father-in-law have been revealed in court as the NRL star took to the witness stand.

Canada’s GG quits over bullying claims

Queen’s official representative in Canada resigns ahead of release of alleged scathing report on claims levelled against her office.

Vatican’s top banker jailed for 9 years

The former head of the Vatican’s bank now the most senior official to be convicted for financial crimes in the city-state.

Why Court really does deserve to be honoured

Margaret Court’s views aren’t shared by many of us, but, purely as a tennis player, she is among the most deserving recipients ever of Australia’s highest honour.

Backlash over Court Aus Day honour

PM says he has ‘no official knowledge’ of Australia Day honours process, as Andrews slams Court honour decision.

The Olympics are not cancelled: AOC

They may look very different, but the Tokyo Olympics are on, says AOC chief, shooting down reports they’ve been cancelled.

Hambali charged with Bali bombings

US military prosecutors have filed charges against Hambali and two others with the 2002 Bali bombings and 2003 Jakarta attack.

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