Deepening Connection Within Your Membership Community, with Erica Courdae and India Jackson (Membership Series)


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Today I’m talking with Erica Courdae and India Jackson. Both have been previous guests here on the show.
Erica is my diversity, equality, and inclusion coach and consultant. In our episode together we talked about how you can incorporate diversity and inclusion in your business.
India is the CEO of Flaunt Your Fire, and is Erica’s business partner. In our previous episode we got into the details of what marketing is, and how to use stories in your business to set yourself apart.
Together they are the co-founders of Pause on the Play, and they help entrepreneurs amplify their influence without changing who they are.
I’ve brought Erica and India back to talk about onboarding new members to your community, fostering a safe space for everyone to interact with each other, and how to make deeper connections with your community.
In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to transition a Facebook group to a Mighty Networks community
  • How to keep your community safe and inclusive for your members
  • Tips for creating a great onboarding experience for your community
  • Candid insights about community growth and retention
  • The difference between leading and facilitating a community
  • How Erica and India foster deeper connections within their community
Links & Resources:

Erica Courdae & India Jackson’s Links:

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