Your Free Facebook Group Is Hurting Your Business


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Today I want to talk to you about why your free Facebook group is actually hurting your business. Now, some of you who are listening might be saying, “Rick, what are you talking about? My group is amazing.”
Well, I want to share with you a common theme that I’ve been seeing for years now. I see this time and time again when it comes to free Facebook groups: they’re actually hurting your business.
As with anything, there’s always outliers and exceptions. People have communities that are actually worth their focus and their attention. They’re being very intentional and strategic about the community.
But more often than not these Facebook groups are actually doing your business more harm than good, and I’m going to share the top two reasons why in today’s episode.
In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The challenges of being beholden to Facebook’s algorithm
  • Are you giving away too much content for free?
  • Is your Facebook group sabotaging your paid membership?
  • My recommendations for where to host your community

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