Episode 329: The Importance of Training with Chris Chandler-Yates


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On this episode, we talked about:

The foundations are what keep you alive Fight or flight method Training hard is giving what you have at that moment Work hard but respect every day Not knowing your values and who you are Gaining ownership over yourself Having confidence in who you are Physiology is your base Disassociate what you do from who you are Our purpose is not near our trajectory in life We get to choose anything we want to be Feeling like I needed to be seen When you recognize your why, you can change it We are the hero to our own story How we train, is how we turn up for the rest of our life Having integrity in yourself Honoring myself first, then family and the work Taking messy action to change things

"When we train hard, and train to the limits, the test becomes so much easier, because we can adapt"

"By knowing who you are, you're actually clear, you have a clear precise direction"

"We believe that we are certain image and we lose our identity in the process"

About Chris:

Chris is an American-Kiwi, who arrived in NZ in 2004. He joined the NZ Police in 2011and after a seven-year career, during which time he protected The Rt Hon Sir John Key (New Zealand's Prime Minister), he experienced severe burnout that caused him to leave the job he once loved. After a journey of self-care, recovery, and personal development, he's now hyper-passionate about helping officers take charge of their mental health and significantly reduce the chance of burnout. He lives to ensure others learn to see themselves so they don't go through the pain he once experienced.

You can follow and support Chris at: @chrischandleryates www.createfromwhy.com/4ways

Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser

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