Episode 152: From Being a Doer on a Hamster Wheel to a Visionary 7-Figure Business Leader with Time for the Fun Things in Live with Fabienne Fredrickson


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In today's episode, I am speaking with Fabienne Fredrickson. Fabienne is a beloved mentor to thousands of women in business. As founder of The Leveraged Business program, Fabienne has reverse-engineered how she scaled her business to several million annually, while remaining powerfully feminine.

Her book, The Leveraged Business: How You Can Go From Overwhelmed at 6-Figures to 7-Figures (and Get Your Life Back) is the definitive roadmap showing women how to increase their income and impact with heart. Find her at Boldheart.com.

Fabienne and I dish on:

- Steps you need to take on your journey from 6 figures to 7 figures

- 4 key strategies for hiring a great team

- Delegation as the golden key to growing your business

- Exponential growth explained and what goes behind the scenes

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Resources mentioned:

Purchase Love-Based Feminine Marketing (https://tinyurl.com/ydmzb6qz)

Fabienne’s Free Gift: The Leveraged Business Book https://boldheart.com/the-leveraged-business/book/

The book is free when you pay shipping ($2.95)

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