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Are you always on time or are you always running late? Today we explore the concept of time (we get a bit philosophical) and how all of us use it in different ways. We touch on how executive functioning plays a huge part in your ability to manage your time and some of the hurdles it's impact has - like our ability to get distracted! Understanding that time management is definitely more challenging for some, we chat about and offer some practical tips on how to improve it. Hopefully from this episode you can take away some tips to understand what to do for your unique brain in relation to time management.

In this episode;

● We chat about lots of the components that make up time management;

● We discuss how world views and different cultures impact our view off time;

● We share lots of practical tips for managing your time better;

● Amy shares her insights about how she uses time post her ADHD diagnosis;

● Encourage you to examine your own time management and how you could improve on it;

And so so so so much more...

We hope from this conversation we all learn something and put a smile on your face!

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