Learning to Fly


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What is the hardest thing you’ve ever learned to do? Maybe you’ve become a master at the piano, or you can juggle. Maybe you can do gymnastics or win at any video game. Whatever it is we try to learn, if we want to be really good we should realize it’s going to take a while, but if we stick with it it will be worth it. Today we have some stories about patience and persistence from tellers like Bobby Norfolk, Michael Katz, and more. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: “Baby Hawk Learns to Fly” by Bobby Norfolk from Baby Hawk Learns to Fly: Stories About Purpose, Patience, Confidence, and Courage (5:08) Daily Mix: “The Emperor’s New Groove” with Cole Wissinger (18:20) “Mother Holle” by Beatrice Bowles from Heaven’s a Garden in the Heart (27:11) “Ishiusu” by Michael Katz from Far Away and Close to Home: Magical and Mystical Tales from Around the World (36:30) “Sweet Dreams” by Mustard’s Retreat from The Yellow Room Gang Live at Big Sky (50:58)

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