Jon Taffer, Dan Dunn, and more from The WhiskyX in Las Vegas (ACS Oct 25)


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Adam, Gina, and Bryan sit down poolside for The WhiskyX Weekend at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. They chat about their day in Vegas, Adam talks about the new James Bond movie, and the gang shares its thoughts on the recent Rust shooting incident with Alec Baldwin. Adam then brings up an unusual connection he has with a crewmember involved with the shooting. Next, the whiskey tasting is underway as Adam welcomes the owners of Frey Ranch, a whiskey distillery based in Nevada. Next, mixologist Elayne Duff joins to talk to Adam about the recent issues he's had with lemon and lime garnishes. And John Holecz of Bird Dog Whiskey has Adam try some flavored whiskey. Jon Taffer then sits down with Adam to catch up. He shares some old stories about working at The Troubador in Los Angeles and the values he’s picked up from the experience. Dan Dunn is next and offers Adam a few more whiskeys to try. Lastly, Gina and Bryan rejoin for the news segment and Dan shares his excitement to see Fitz and the Tantrums perform at the event. For more on future events with The WhiskyX, visit

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