Welcome to Season 2 of the ACN Podcast


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Hello my name is Ben Jenkins and welcome back to the second season of the ACN Podcast, the official podcast of the Australian College of Nursing.

This season of the podcast I return to deliver three types of episodes:

The first is a continuation of last-seasons interviews, whereby I spoke to nurses and midwives from a variety of clinical specialties to showcase their careers and to celebrate their achievements.

The second type of episode highlights organisations, sub-communities, advancing technologies or opportunities relevant to our profession.

Finally, the third type of episodes are clinical scenarios. I will be speaking with subject matter experts from a wide-variety of clinical specialties, pose them a scenario relevant to their area of expertise and get them to run through the assessment, management and special considerations for our benefit. Throughout these episodes I encourage you to pause the audio, to have a think of how you handle the situation and then add to or refresh your knowledge through the advice and guidance of each guest.

Some of these episodes will stick exclusively to one type, whilst others will blend these types together. I am excited to return each fortnight to deliver episodes for our nursing and midwifery community. If you would like to be a guest; if you would like to know more about a particular organisation; or if you have any suggestions for content this year, please don’t hesitate to send a message to ACN via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or our various social media platforms.

My name is Ben Jenkins and welcome back to another season of The ACN Podcast.

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