Professor Mary Chiarella AM FACN - Moral Obligation and the Social Contract


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As a profession we are all impacted in some way by what is happening with the COVID-19 pandemic. As many nurses, midwives and health professionals are performing their roles day-to-day, it is important now moreso than ever that they are supported and protected as much as possible. It's heartbreaking to learn the sheer number of health professionals who have been affected during this pandemic, and that not all were provided the adequate PPE to protect themselves, and others. In this episode I speak with Professor Mary Chiarella AM FACN. Mary is a highly influential leader within our profession. Mary has been using her wealth of clinical and academic experience to advocate for health professionals. Mary has been featured on ABC's 'The Drum', and written multiple articles discussing important concepts such as 'Moral Obligation' and the 'Social Contract' of nurses responding during this pandemic. I am personally inspired by Mary, and I think you'll feel the same after listening to today's episode. Twitter:

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