Matiu Bush MACN - 2020 Trailblazer Finalist


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The 3 finalists for the 2020 Health Minister's Award for Nursing Trailblazers have been announced, with a virtual ceremony to take place to announce the winner on the 23rd of November. More information of the ceremony and the finalists can be found on the ACN website or by clicking this link. For the next three episodes I will be joined by each of the finalists to not only discuss the initiatives that have gotten them recognised as a finalist for this award, but to also talk about their careers as Nurses. On today's episode I am delighted to be joined by Matiu Bush. Matiu is a Nurse Practitioner and founder of the innovative social movement - One Good Street. This initiative aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness amongst seniors. I am fortunate to have Matiu talk about One Good Street on the podcast. During the episode we talk about the power of community, the diversity a career in nursing can bring, share advice for student, graduate and early career nurses and a powerful insight into why it's important to NOT stick to your lane. Matiu: Twitter: One Good Street: ABC Podcast Episode:

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