Mark Aitken MACN - Nurse & Midwife Support: The 24/7 Confidential & Free Health Service


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Welcome back to another episode of The ACN Podcast with Ben Jenkins MACN. On today's episode I speak with Mark Aitken from Nurse & Midwife Support. "Nurse & Midwife Support (NM Support) is the first national telephone and online service to offer health support to nurses and midwives in Australia. It is free, confidential and available 24/7". NM Support is an incredible service. It's designed to be there, to talk with someone in a confidential way, when you need it the most. The purpose of today's episode was to really deep dive into exactly what NM Support does; how it operates; who you speak with when you call through; and the services they provide. It was also an incredible experience to speak with Mark, who runs the NM support podcast. I've been listening to Mark's voice for quite a while now, so it was an absolute treat to have him on the ACN podcast. Thank you NM Support for the selfless work you do each and every day. You really are making a difference, and I hope this episode will highlight the work you do, and the potential it has to help others! Links: - Website: - Podcast: - Twitter: - Facebook:

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