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Welcome back to another episode of The ACN Podcast.
This has been an episode I have been looking forward to releasing for months. It has been formally approved through all chain of commands.
Today's guest is MAJ Kylie Hasse. Many ACN members will recognise that name. MAJ Hasse has been an active member within our community for quite a while; most recently being a participant of ACN's Mid-Career Nurse Leadership Program.
MAJ Kylie Hasse has been a Nursing Officer within the Australian Army for 12 years. This time includes two Operational Deployments to the Middle East; and having been awarded a Distinguished Service Medal for Outstanding Leadership and Dedication to Duty.
The purpose of today's episode is to showcase the role of the Nursing Officer within the Australian Army. The role of a Nursing Officer in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) isn't a highly publicised one.
MAJ Hasse starts the episode by defining the role of a Nursing Officer. After recently coming off a posting as a Career's Advisor, MAJ Hasse describes some of the possible career progressions Nursing Officers in the Australian Army can have; and outlines some of the unique challenges these nurses face.

I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send them through to my new email address:
Later this year, I will be also be releasing episodes with Nursing Officers from the Royal Australian Navy, and Royal Australian Air Force; along with some incredible Medics.

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