Dr Helen Haines - From Nursing to Politics


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Welcome back to another episode of The ACN Podcast. I have been incredibly excited to release this episode for a few months. This was one of the first episodes I recorded for the podcast. On today's episode, I speak with Dr Helen Haines. For more than 32 years, Dr Haines has been a registered nurse and midwife; spending the vast majority of that time within rural north east Victoria. But on the 18th May 2019, Dr Haines' career had taken an exciting, yet different direction, being elected as the Independent Member of Indi during the 2019 Federal Election. In this episode, we cover Dr Haines' early career; the challenges of being a nurse and midwife in rural Victoria; Dr Haines' motivation, and decision, to transition into politics; what she has learned so far; and provides advice for nurses and midwives looking at doing the same. I hope you enjoy! Dr Haines' Bio: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-helen-haines-b5251423/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/helenhainesindi

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