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Welcome back to another episode of the ACN Podcast.
As a lot of us are self-isolating at this time, it makes it quite difficult to deliver content in the way that we’re used to. I know over the last few years as I've gone through uni a lot of the education space has tended to move more and more into online education, however with COVID19, this is even more so, as all of the education at this time is completely online.
Today's theme has all got to do with the use of technology, in particular the use of virtual reality in order to think of new ways to deliver content. On today's episode I speak with Bradley Chesham. Bradley is a member of ACN (MACN). You may have read one of Bradley's articles in the latest edition of ‘The Hive’, ACN’s quarterly magazine. The article is exactly what we are mentioning now with the use of augmented and virtual realities and the benefits it can provide in the realm of education.
Bradley’s clinical background includes many years working in intensive care and lecturing at multiple universities in Australia. He has also had multiple contracts to work overseas, two of those within Afghanistan and Iraq working with military forces; so quite a diverse clinical background. However, in the last couple of years, Bradley has established a new business called ‘Bundle of Rays’. In today's episode Bradley goes into specifics on exactly what the business involves; how he incorporates the use of such technologies into nursing education; and I ask specific questions surrounding EXACTLY how one goes about using such technology.
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