REEBOK from SMALL SHOE COMPANY to MULTI-BILLION POUND business | Joe Foster | The 2%


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How does one man turn a small British family firm into a billion pound company? Join Joe Foster (Co-founder of Reebok, Author of Shoe Maker) and Eric Partaker, as they share tips on how to reach the 2%, and how Reebok became the phenomenal success it is today!


Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight - Don’t give up. You can get knocked down repeatedly but if you don't keep standing back up you’ll never succeed.

Ride The Waves Of Success - When the waves come in, don’t question it. Ride it and keep going because you never know when it's going to stop.

Face Up To Your Problems! - Are you trying to dodge your issues? Face them! That is the only way to resolve them and inevitably move forward.

Failure Is Your Teacher Not Your Undertaker - The only way to really find your way to success is to understand that failure is a part of it. Failure will allow you to learn and grow. Embrace it and enjoy the journey.

You Are Not Born With Brilliant Ideas! - Brilliant ideas come after taking steps, and those steps are often failures. However, don't give up because it's one step closer to success!

Never Give up, Great Things Take Time - Adopt the attitude that you will never give up. Build a culture, a winning culture, so that the people that are riding along with you, are suffering with you, but are winners and will eventually succeed with you.

Use What You Have, Do What You Can - What resources do you have? How can you utilise the resources around you for company gain?

Open Your Eyes! - Opportunities often zip by and you don't even notice. Always be on the lookout for new opportunities, don't let them pass you by.


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