PPI #154: Overcome Self Defeating Behaviors


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Overcome Self Defeating Behaviors // Do you often find yourself running in circles? You make a commitment to stop smoking, binge eating or procrastinating and yet when something goes wrong you find yourself reverting to the same self defeating behaviors. In this video you will learn how to defeat the beast of self destruction and how to build discipline, master self control and have more willpower. If you are saying, “Its time to sort myself out,” then employ these success secrets to help you face your fears, overcome self doubt and achieve anything you want in life.

Identify Your Self Sabotaging Behaviours - What habits shouldn't you be doing that are getting in the way of you becoming your best self? Reach out to those closest to you, and ask, “Where do I sabotage my own success?"

Know What Your Triggers Are - What leads you to engage in self-defeating behavior? Don't try to change the trigger, but change how you react to it. Change and swap in a new behavior, a behavior, which is better than that self-defeating behavior.

Practice Mindfulness - Develop the ability to quiet your mind, especially in moments when you feel anxious, resentful or frustrated. Also in those moments you’re likely then to engage in a self-defeating behavior.

Take Small Steps And Set Realistic Goals - Set small goals. Chunk your big goal down into the small steps. Ensure that it's nearly impossible for you to not be able to achieve it.

Practice Self-Compassion - Be kind to yourself. Sometimes you will achieve what you set out to achieve, sometimes you won't. That reality will give you room to breathe. It allows you to feel kind towards yourself and far less likely to engage in self-defeating behaviors.

Seek Help - If you're really struggling with self-defeating behaviors, seek help from your support group. Seek help from a professional.

Be Persistent - If at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again. Don't let your first attempt, and perhaps failure, rule your life.

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