PPI #151: Why You Can’t Stay Disciplined


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Why You Can’t Stay Disciplined // Ever wonder why you cant stay disciplined? And how the best at what they do are able to master self control, have unstoppable willpower and seem to achieve anything they want in life. Now is your time to join them by incorporating a key habit of successful people and build discipline. In this video, I will highlight why your obstacles to discipline may be holding you back and how you can overcome them to achieve your goals in life.


Are You Sabotaging Your Ability To Stay Disciplined? - What bad habits do you have which are holding you back from staying disciplined? Being aware of your habits is the first step to becoming more disciplined.

Are You Afraid To Do What Makes You Uncomfortable? - Growth lies outside your comfort zone. The best way to stay disciplined is to make sure you’re discarding your safety net and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

Progress Beats Perfection - The name of the game is progress not perfection. Perfection is impossible to achieve, just get better little by little, everyday, that's your goal.

Respect Your Need For Balance - Your willpower, your discipline, it's like a muscle. You can stress that muscle, but it needs time to rest and recover. Stay balanced by prioritizing sleep, nutrition and exercise, as well as your mental clarity.

Get Some Sleep! - Ensure you are getting eight hours of sleep, or else you are unlikely to be able to stay disciplined. If you're tired and run down you're likely to give into temptation.

Eat The Best, Leave The Rest! - Studies have shown that when you eat sugary, processed food that does not occur naturally within nature it leads us to reduced discipline.

Nothing Will Workout Unless You Do! - Exercise is a fantastic way to stay balanced. If you exercise in the morning it gives you a 12 hour mood boost. When you're in a good mood, you're more likely to be able to maintain discipline.

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