PPI #135: How to Design your Life


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How to Design your Life// How to stop being overwhelmed by everything. Watch this video to discover habits for a better work life balance, as well as simple habits for a happy life, and strategies to change your life. We’ll discuss healthy work life balance importance, how to design your life for balance, how to find happiness in work and life, while also sharing the everyday habits for successful people. Stop the “feeling burned out what to do” thinking and learn methods to increase your productivity, tactics and tips for work life balance, and how to be happy in life.

Prioritize Health – If you are not healthy you cannot go to work, you cannot go and have fun. If you are not healthy you have no life. Health is an absolute priority.

Wealth – Work sustains us. It provides our income which allows us to accomplish so many other goals in life. It is also a deep source of fulfilment. We are able to set goals and achieve.

Nurture Relationships – If you had 5 more minutes to live what would you want to do? Spend time with somebody that is important to you, that you love. Relationships are critical, nobody wants to end up alone.

80/20 – It’s the 20% of things that you focus on that will create 80% of the life improvement that you seek. Your health, wealth, and relationships. If you focus on maximising your balance and potential in those area, that will lead to a more fulfilling life.

Create a Health Identity – Set an alarm to go off daily before you work out and label it with what represents you in this field at your best. It will inspire you to show up and work hard, even when you don’t feel like it.

Create a Work Identity– Set a second alarm to go off daily before you sit down to work with an identity that inspires you to operate at your best.

Create a Relationship Identity – Set the last alarm for just before family time, or time spent with loved ones. Label it with an identity that represents you as your best when it comes to your relationships. Ask yourself how would this person act when spending quality time with the ones they love?

Score Yourself – Give yourself a daily W for win or an L for Learn. Simply ask yourself, ‘Did I show up as my best self today within the Health, Wealth and Relationships fronts?’

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