Meet the Makers: Tristan Zimmerman (Shanty Hunters)


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Justin connects with Tristan Zimmerman to learn more about his shanty hunting RPG, appropriately named Shanty Hunters. Tristan is the writer behind the popular Molten Sulphur blog, which offers up real world historical inspiration for your gaming table, and in November he’s launching a kickstarter for a game that combines his loves of history, storytelling, and sailing.

In Shanty Hunters, you set out to capture and return rogue sea shanties back to shore. Using the gumshoe engine, each game generates it’s challenge and investigation around the lyrics of the sea shanty you’re trying to claim. It’s a wild idea and perfect for groups looking for a short one-short or limited run campaign to give yourself a break from a longer game you’re currently playing.

The Kickstarter launches on November 2nd and you can visit the page right now to set your reminder by visiting

And check out Tristan’s Molten Sulphur blog at

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