#9: Mahua Acharya, Asia Director, Climate Policy Initiative


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Mahua Acharya is Asia Director for Climate Policy Initiative. She is responsible for leading CPI in Delhi and Jakarta, while also supporting high-level strategic planning and further build-up of the organization. She has extensive experience in green finance, renewables, and carbon markets. Mahua holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from Yale University. She is a guest lecturer at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad & frequently contributes to the Mint.

In this podcast, Mahua delves into the world of climate finance, including tools used, the biggest opportunities for Indian entrepreneurs and what the future holds for #climateaction in India.

Notes –

01:21 – What is climate finance all about

07:19 – Challenges facing climate finance in India

09:40 – Tools of climate finance

13:40 – CPI’s role in climate finance

15:44 – Green bonds

18:18 – Renewable infrastructure

25:43 – The Lab at CPI and related projects

28:17 – Biggest opportunities for Indian entrepreneurs

30:32 – Future of climate action in India

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