#29: Akshay Makar, CEO & Founder, CLIMATENZA Solar


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Akshay Makar is an experienced thought leader, innovator, and climate entrepreneur within the field of sustainability. Akshay is Founder and CEO of CLIMATENZA. Climatenza’s vision is to accelerate deployment of renewable energy technologies in industries to attain 100% clean future by 2050. Under his leadership, CLIMATENZA has become a global energy company with offices in India and Chile. The recipient of numerous awards, Akshay was named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list, as also one of the Top 25 Young Leaders by Young Sustainable Impact. Akshay is a 2019 Echoing Green Fellow and a One Young World #Lead2030 Challenge Winner.

In this podcast, Akshay talks about his journey and passion for renewables, his company Climatenza, setting up shop in Chile and what the future holds for concentrated solar technologies in the renewable energy space.

Notes –

01:12 – Akshay’s interest and passion for renewable energy

03:09 – About Climatenza

05:26 – The CST market

07:03 – Net zero concept

10:36 – Starting up in Chile

14:40 – Impacts of Climatenza

21:49 – Help from government

24:41 – Media awareness about CST

26:58 – Advice to entrepreneurs

29:00 – Call to action

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