#27: Louise Mabulo, Founder, The Cacao Project


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Louise Mabulo is an award-winning chef, farmer, and entrepreneur. She is the Founder of The Cacao Project, a social venture aimed at equipping farmers for sustainable success. She is a featured honoree for Forbes Asia Under 30, is a Young Champion of the Earth under the United Nations Environment Program, Outstanding Farmer of the Year 2018, and a Friend Of Humanity Awardee under the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation. She has studied Economic Development and Social Entrepreneurship at Brown University, U.S.A. and the Watson Institute Philippines.

In this podcast, Louise talks about her journey, the Cacao Project, the challenges posed by COVID19 to her community within the context of food security, climate-smart agriculture in the provinces of Philippines and so much more.

Notes –

01:09 – Louise’s climate journey

03:23 – The Cacao Project

06:29 – Covid19’s impact

07:42 – Climate change in the Philippines

09:07 – Climate smart agriculture in the Philippines

12:24 – Food security in the local community

15:48 – Women in agriculture

21:01 – Using social media to spread awareness

22:47 – Politics and policy

24:08 – Building empathy towards farmers

26:29 – Call to action - ‘Be the person that makes the world a better place’

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