#26: Agnimitra Bachi, Architect, Made in Earth


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Agnimitra Bachi graduated from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. Early in his education, he developed a taste for sustainability when he worked with the Center for Science and Environment on alternative building practices. His fascination for ‘simply beautiful’ designs took him to Sri Lanka where he worked with prominent Sri Lankan architect Anjalendran, in close proximity to Geoffrey Bawa’s works, to which he attributes much of his design sensibilities. Agnimitra is also a graphic designer, part time comedian, theatre enthusiast and co-founder of the BlackBox movement in Delhi.

In this podcast, Agnimitra talks about his journey, his organisation Made in Earth, the challenges posed by COVID19, the importance of using earth in sustainable architecture and how to proactively engage in nurturing and adding to a green environment.

Notes –

01:13 – Agnimitra’s career arc

04:08 – The basic tenets of Made in Earth and important projects

15:32 – COVID19 and challenges

19:49 – Younger generation’s interest in sustainable architecture

25:27 – The effect of the construction industry and emissions

28:52 – Green building certifications in India

31:49 – Green building practices

34:55 – Media’s representation of sustainable architecture

41:06 – Call to action - proactively engage in nurturing and adding to a green environment.

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