#25: Dr Debisi Araba, Managing Director, African Green Revolution Forum


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Dr Debisi Araba is a public policy and strategy specialist and is currently the Managing Director at the Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF), the premier catalytic, multi-partner platform for food and agriculture transformation in Africa. He is a recognized thought leader across the African agricultural sector. Prior to joining the AGRF, he led the International Center for Tropical Agriculture - CIAT’s work in Africa as the Africa Region Director. He holds a MSc in Clean Technology from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, a Doctorate degree from Imperial College London and a Master in Public Administration from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.

In this podcast, Debisi talks about his journey, his organisation Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF), the challenges posed by COVID19, the realities of climate-smart agriculture and what innovations we can expect in Africa in the near future.

Notes –

01:31 – Debisi’s career arc and journey

08:08 – All about AGRF and the challenges it is facing

15:31 – Climate-smart agriculture

22:01 – The concept of ‘hidden hunger’

26:02 – AGRF’s 10th Summit

29:44 – Women and agri businesses in Africa

32:51 – Politics and policy

35:36 – Covid19 and food security in Africa

39:00 – Africa and its innovations

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