#23: Chandra Bhushan, President & CEO, International Forum for Environment, Sustainability and Technology (iFOREST)


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Chandra Bhushan is one of India’s foremost environment and climate change experts. He is the President & CEO of the International Forum for Environment, Sustainability and Technology (iFOREST). He was Deputy Director of Centre for Science and Environment from 2010-2019. He has researched, written and campaigned for issues ranging from climate change and energy transformation to rights of mining-affected people and industrial pollution. He was conferred with the ‘Ozone Partnership Award' for his contributions towards the framing of the Kigali Amendments to the Montreal Protocol by UNEP in 2017.

In this podcast, Chandra Bhushan talks about his climate change journey, what the purpose behind starting iFOREST was, his personal involvement in the District Mineral Foundation, his thoughts about UNFCCC, COPs and the Montreal Protocol in international climate negotiations and how important it is to make a wholesale change to the economic system to tackle climate change.

Notes –

01:12 – Chandra Bhushan’s climate change journey

04:42 – Climate change in India

10:18 – All about iFOREST

17:06 – EIA draft notification

21:17 – District Mineral Foundation

27:15 – BASIC group of countries and politics

31:31 – UNFCCC and failed processes

38:53 – Kigali Amendments to the Montreal Protocol

42:45 – Tackling climate change

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