Are You Taking Your Own Advice?


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Are you taking your own advice (and showing people you really believe in your product or service) by actually using it yourself?
Recently I seem to have seen lots of examples of the exact opposite. The social media "expert" that rarely uses social media, the telesales outsourcer who contacted me via email, the copywriter who doesn't blog, the web designer using Wix etc... You get the idea ;)
If people check you out, can they easily see that you're taking your own advice and/or a user of your own product/service? If not then why should they trust what you say, if you're not doing it yourself? Trust is a huge part of marketing (as well as sales that marketing should lead to) so do make sure you practice what you preach.
If you've got any questions just head to the Ten Minute Marketing Facebook group here and ask away. Or post with an example of how you ARE taking your own advice ;)
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