The Weekend Booktopian - 4th June 2021 (feat. Nick from Rakuten Kobo)


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Welcome to The Weekend Booktopian, our weekly podcast to kick off your weekend! Our team will give you the low down on all things book news related, and turn you on to the books that we are reading right now! For our forty-sixth episode Nick hosts Shanu, Scott and Nick from Rakuten Kobo discuss the winner of the International Booker Prize. We then give you our latest round of book recommendations, before another edition of Book Fight! WARNING: one book discusses mental health issues. If you are experiencing similar issues you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14. Books Mentioned in this podcast: David Diop - At Night All Blood Is Black: Lisa Emanuel - The Covered Wife: Elisabeth Basford - Princess Mary: The First Modern Princess: William Hussey - The Outrage: Richard Osman - The Thursday Murder Club: Leigh Bardugo - Shadow and Bone: Izumi Suzuki - Terminal Boredom: Elodie Cheesman - Love, In Theory: Host: Nick Wasiliev Guests: Scott Whitmont, Shanu Prasad & Nick Coveney (from Rakuten Kobo) Producer: Nick Wasiliev

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