TechnoColor Podcast 199 | Sam Wilson


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Hi guys! I have the pleasure to announce my next special guest in TechnoColor, hailing from Chile, please welcome Sam Wilson, co-founder of Dosis Records and host of "Extracorporeal Therapy" Podcast. 💥 Hope you enjoy this amazing deep and hypnotic techno mix with ambient soundscapes. ✨💜 Follow the artist: @samwilson_music @dosis-records If you liked this mix and would like to support the artist, please feel free to like it and share it <3 Tracklist: 01. Ligovskoi - Lethe [DEMENT3D] 02. Ligovskoi - Lethe (Polar Inertia Remix) [DEMENT3D] 03. Claudio Prc & Ness (TGP) - Icore [Outis Music] 04. Feral - Invocation [Hypnus Records] 05. Distant Echoes - Reminicenze [Counterchange Recordings] 06. Linear Straight - Moon Excursions (Alderaan Remix) [Materia] 07. Abdullah Rashim - Moral Blinds [Northern Electronics] 08. The Alchemical Theory - Deep Waters [Affin] 09. Forest On Stasys - Lost in The Cosmos [Kizen Records] 10. Francois X - Shamefaced (Valentino Mora Cosmic Trance Rephase) [DEMENT3D] 11. Felix Fleer - Simulacra [End Of Perception] 12. Alderaan - Linö [Inguma Records] 13. Joachim Spieth, Reggy Van Oers - Mammatus [Affin] 14. Alex Tomb - Probability #6 (Claudio Prc Remix) [Several Reasons] 15. Deepbass - RT [Informa Records] 16. Mown - A New Life Is Born [Circular Limited] 17. NØRBAK - Pledge III (Fabrizio Lapiana Remix) [Attic Music] 18. Luizar - Flowing Return (Claudio Prc remix) [Eclectic Limited] 19. Giorgio Gigli, Obtane - Industrial Assaults [Prosthetic Pressings] 20. Massa (7) - Binocular Disparity (Blazej Malinowski Remix) [Hidden Traffic] 21. Dorian Gray - Cygnus A [UTCH] 22. Oxygeno - Surrounded By Walls [Edit Select] 23. Oxygeno - Possessed Bodies (Lewis Fautzi Remix) [Edit Select] 24. Beyond Humans - Temuco [Virescence] 25. Polar Inertia - Inland Return [Atmophile Electronics] 26. Linear System - Time Travel [Edit Select] 27. Seleccion Natural - Absolute Zero [PoleGroup] ============================================= Please contact me if its a violation of your tracks rights. TechnoColor Radio Show hosted by Livier was founded in 2010, and it’s being broadcasted in several radio stations worldwide .The monthly one-hour show features exclusive guest mixes from the best electronic DJs and producers from all over the world: with rich content and deep melodic beats with a dark touch, all representative of her host. ❥ li v e ☮ l o v e ♡ t e c h n o c o l o r ♫ Radio Schedule: Every 1st wednesday of the month Berlin 19 hrs / London 18 hrs Los Angeles 10 hrs / CDMX 12 hrs Eradio-one [Germany] Every 2nd friday of the month Berlin 23 hrs / London 22 hrs Los Angeles 14 hrs / CDMX 15 hrs [UK] Every 4th friday of the month Berlin 21 hrs / London 20 hrs Los Angeles 12 hrs / CDMX 14 hrs Enation.FM [USA] Every 1st/2nd friday of the month Air time: 21:00 EST (NY time)

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