TFGL2021 - S2 - Ep 6 - More Carrot, Less Stick


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This podcast is all about using technology to have a positive impact on the world. Sometimes though, we talk about the opposite of that. You know, like Elon Musk’s plan for a slave army on Mars. Or Zuckerberg’s plans for a slave army on earth, or Tim Cook’s plans for a beautifully branded slave army on earth.

This week’s episode will surely be upbeat though, because we’re finally in the month of May. Pre-slaughter lambs are in the fields. Flowers are blooming everywhere except in Bex’s flower beds. Not a euphemism.

We have a quick update on Basecamp, where everything is absolutely fine.

We delve into the numbers and statistics and wotnot about charities and their emissions and energy use in 2020. Also absolutely fine.

And in the tech news of the month we talk about how police have been given the go-ahead for using facial recognition technology. I’m sure that will absolutely not lead to horror stories of racism.

So yeah. Uplifting content from beginning to end.

Joining host Bex, we have Greg Ashton and Ben White from the TFGL team.

And our special guest is Stuart Pearson, Chief Digital Officer at Citizens Advice Manchester

This week’s topics:

Quick update on Basecamp as ⅓ of the staff to resign - The Verge

Stat of the week

Ofcom finds 1.5 million homes still offline in the UK - BBC

Charity news of the week

Almost one third (31%) of the top 100 UK charities assessed in this study did not comply with government regulations covering emissions and energy use in 2020 - Aleron

Tech news of the week

EU attempts rules for AI - Slate

New biometrics commissioner thinks law enforcement should make decisions on using facial recognition - FT

And finally

AI developed to help people buy bread helps spot cancer and a whole bunch of other stuff


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