Tracking Violent Islamist Behaviour Online


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In this week’s episode, we’re looking into how violent Islamist groups exploit the internet, how this has evolved in the last decade, and why these online networks are so resilient to content moderation efforts. We also share some of the things we’re doing here at Tech Against Terrorism to counter this threat and consider what tech companies and governments can do to help.

Join Anne Craanen as she speaks again to Mina Al-Lami who heads up the Jihadist Media Team at BBC Monitoring. Mina is a native Arabic speaker and has spent the past 15 years tracking and analysing jihadist activity, messaging and platforms.

Anne is also joined by Laurence Bindner who is the co-founder of the JihadOScope (JOS) Project, a platform for extremist and terrorist propaganda analysis. Laurence is also a member of the UNCTAD Global Research Network and a GNET (Global Network on Extremism and Technology) associate fellow.

We again chat to Arthur Bradley who’s a Senior Open-source Intelligence Analyst at Tech Against Terrorism and head of content collection for the Terrorist Content Analytics Platform (TCAP).

To find out more about Tech Against Terrorism and our work, visit or follow us on Twitter @techvsterrorism, where you can find resources on this topic.

You can learn more about the work BBC Monitoring does here.

You can find out more about the UNCTAD Global Research Network here and GNET here. You can also follow JihadOScope on twitter @JihadoScope.

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