Power of Payments Ep. 22: 'The most important asset for SMB owners is time' – Chase’s Brad Brodigan


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Link to the full transcript: https://tearsheet.co/payments/power-of-payments-ep-22-frankly-the-most-important-asset-for-smb-owners-is-time-chases-brad-brodigan/ Welcome back to the Power of Payments podcast. I’m your host Ismail Umar, and today, I’m joined by Brad Brodigan, managing director and global head of SMB payments at Chase. Brad says he has a passion for working at the intersection of payments, technology, and small business. He’s spent the last 15 years using innovations in payments technology to provide SMB owners with more efficient ways of running their business. Over the last decade, Brad has held a variety of roles at firms including PayPal, Dosh, and BlueVine. In our conversation today, Brad discusses the most important trends he’s seeing in SMB payments right now, the kinds of attributes that SMBs look for in a payment processor, and how their needs differ from those of enterprises and retail customers. He also talks about how current macroeconomic challenges are affecting the demands and expectations that small business owners have from their financial providers.

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