TN235: How should I keep track of my business finances?


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This episode is part of a series of episodes where I answer a question from the Tandem Nomads community in 15min or less.

"Define your goals and keep track of your finances systematically from the get-go, even if you aren’t generating revenue yet!"

This is a question from Gina who asks:

How should I keep track of my business finances?

Managing your finances and keeping track of your goals is a crucial activity that you need to make a habit of doing systematically, even if you are not generating revenue yet.

In this episode I share with you some key tips to be able to do it effectively. I also prepared a great tool for you to help you do it without wasting time figuring it out from scratch.

What You Will Learn

  • How to keep track of your financial goals
  • How to keep track of your finances
  • What tools and resources to use for your bookkeeping

Resources And Inspiration:

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