Anna's Pizza-Joey Mancuso


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In this episode, we talk with Joey Mancuso, the owner of Anna's Pizza in West Covina. Anna's Pizza has been serving locals for over 40 years and is currently located at The Lakes Entertainment Center next to the Edwards Theater (1240 Lakes Dr. West Covina, CA 91790).
Joey’s personality – and some remarkable pizza – have resulted in loyal customers and countless friends. Joey’s social media posts and videos have become widely anticipated and those, along with events like Pizza Bingo, Pub Crawls, and Coffee & Cars have created a brand with a fierce following in the east San Gabriel Valley.

In this podcast we take a deep dive into the history of Anna’s Pizza and family recipes that remain staples of their menu today. Joey takes us through the struggles of running a business through a pandemic and what it took to survive, and then flourish. He also shares the struggles that continue now as Joey and other local business owners’ deal with crime, homeless, and graffiti. Joey explains what they’re doing to ensure the area continues to progress and thrive.
This episode covers a lot of ground in a 75 minute conversation. You’ll understand why Anna’s Pizza is a go-to spot for so many and how one business owner has made such a difference.

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