Talk That Talk: We Splitting Tea ft. Creator of We Met IRL- Maxine Williams + Emotional Attachment, & Listening To Words Or Actions


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Talk That Talk segment is back y’all! We discuss whether men are emotionally attached to their male counterparts and just physically attracted to women and the TikTok trend on whether men would snitch on their friends or cheat on their girls (2:11-8:47) How dating is going for us this Summer (8:47-14:34) Should you listen to men’s words over their actions? (14:37-22:37) and we have our first guest! Meet Maxine Williams, the founder and host of WeMetIRL, a speed dating event for POCs that has been highly successful in NYC! (22:36-1:06:00)

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Special Guest: Maxine Williams host of @WeMetIRL on Instagram and TikTok

Socials: Instagram: @talktousnicepodcast, TikTok: @talktousnicepodcast

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