"Onto More Frivolous Things" + Jessie Williams, Nick Cannon, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Weddings, + Glee Comeback


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Your girls are back this week with more stories, laughs, and opinions! This week we get into THE Jessie Williams leaked photo from the Broadway show “Take Me Out” we get into consent, the child support battle that seems never-ending, and how dicksand gets the best of us (1:08-7:38),

Nick Cannon considering getting a vasectomy and nature is healing. We whether or not the children will be in court for their inheritance, while Spain is in the year 3000 simply by giving women rights (7:44-15:51)

Next up, we get into the Kourtney and Travis Barker wedding sponsored by Dolce & Gabbana. How we felt about the outfit, how Kourtney’s style has changed, and how we envision our future weddings (15:56-25:29). Finally, we get into our thoughts about a maybe Glee Reboot and the most ridiculous storylines they have ever come up with? (25:35-34:01)

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