"Marty McFly Lied To Us" + Abortion Laws, Love Island UK, They're a 10 but..., & A Debate On Black Hairstylists


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This week your girls discuss the new abortion laws put into place by SCOTUS. 0/10 stars for America (0:17-5:24), Then we bring it back to the one thing that could get us out of our depressive funk, LOVE ISLAND UK is back and better than ever (5:30-11:37), we get into a video on TikTok that would have us all hiding in a corner for over a year, leading into a discussion on the growing trend of “They are a 10 but…” (11:41-32:54), A talk about space and essence that goes into your room and why sometimes you lie to get people out of your home (32:55-42:35) Finally we get into the issue with IG hairstylist and the capitalism on Black Hair. We are TIRED. (42:41-53:38)

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